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Hello Friends

Yes. I'm just now getting around to starting my blog. As late as I may be, I'm pretty excited about some of the posts that I have queued up. Shucks, I feel pretty great about actually having a blog queue!

The truth is, you can only have a blog if you have something to say... even if it's just for yourself. But, I'm a wedding planner. Chances are, you aren't here to hear about how stoked I was to make a successful online jean purchase or to read a recipe for a delicious bourbon cocktail (though these lifestyle posts won't be entirely absent on this new self-indulgent platform of mine). You came here to see pretty pictures, learn how to not have a meltdown (or just fewer meltdowns) during a most magical and stressful time in your life, learn a thing or two about etiquette, great vendors, and a lot more.

All that to say, I'm so excited and thankful to have all of that ooey gooey content goodness ready and waiting to jump from my brain to the page... er, screen. And I'm even more elated that you're here to gobble it all up. It won't always be perfect, but I've decided to stop allowing perfection to scare me out of moving forward. So please forgive the typos, spelling errors, and the obnoxious hyphens meant to be dashes (says the English major) and come back often to enjoy + share!

xoxo VV

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

Photo by Anna Delores Photography