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pinterest and your wedding planner

Hey there stranger! I apologize for my hiatus the past 3 weeks. There's been a lot going on... a ton of super fun client meetings, a not-so-fun move into a totally lovable new place, a family vacation, our fist trip to St. Regis Monarch Beach (so fancy!), and the obligatory--and lingering--winter cold. We're finally settled in and it's time to get back to the blog with some very fun and exciting posts over the next couple weeks.

For now, let's chat about Pinterest. There are a lot of great and useful tips for using Pinterest to plan your wedding, but I'd like to talk about one specific aspect: using Pinterest to communicate with your planner. 

image by christianne taylor

image by christianne taylor

I love to follow my clients' wedding and design Pinterest boards (or have them add me to their secret ones.) It gives me insight into what inspires them, their vision, and how they want their wedding day to look and feel. But with so many details packed into one pretty little square (or a collage of pretty little squares), I don't always know what the specific draw is to that image. 

Most images carry with them a caption from their source site or a comment from a previous pinner. The most important thing you can do for your Pinterest-following planner (and yourself) is make that caption your own. What in the image inspires you? What is your favorite part? What would you change? Here's a great example:

A client pinned this collage to her wedding decor board


                                                                          Via naturally, I was thinking that she was leaning toward the radiant orchid trend. Upon further discussion, she told me that she pinned the image because of the arrangement in the top right corner. She liked the wood box, the clustered flowers, and the mix of colors--including the oranges and green. 

Whoa. Big difference, right? 

Here's another example. A different client had told me that she wanted romantic and feminine peaches and corals. We discussed a sweet, soft, and simple feel; the kind of wedding that really just makes you feel love all around you. 

Then she pinned this (wildly popular image):



I think, "Oh! Maybe we're going in a brighter, more colorful direction... let's look into some graphic print runners, maybe some colorful glassware..." (My mind tends to wander and get ahead of myself).

But upon further discussion, it was the lovely navy bridesmaid dress that led her to pin the image. 

So what's the moral of the story? We planners love Pinterest as much as you do. We get lost in the sea of color palettes, how-to's, and dreamy photography. What we love even more than Pinterest are clients who dream, have vision, and get excited for the decor and ambiance of their big day. All we ask is that you use that little box under that pretty picture to tell us what you love and/or hate about your specially curated selections. 

Want to see what inspires me? Check out Vanessa Noel Events' Pinterest right here.

Happy pinning and planning!