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While the wedding industry, much like journalism, has moved away from print media as a way to advertise and communicate with clients and customers, there's still a prestige associated with being in print. I love wedding blogs so so much and often have to give myself a strict time limit when poring over all the dreamy content that the internet has to offer. But there's just something about contributing one of only a few images or words that a magazine will produce in a month's or quarter's time that keeps us industry folks pursuing the media that so many have said has gone the way of the dodo.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I got my first nod in the "ancient" medium of print! After my successful collaboration with Emily of Anna Delores Photography, I was contacted by Long Island Bride and Groom to be a contributor on an article about the details that brides and grooms often forget. I was so ecstatic and still can't believe my name is in a magazine. 

To check out the issue, click here. Head to page 68-72 to read "All the Little Details" where Vanessa Noel Events is quoted! 

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