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Julie + Jordan :: Hot Hot Heat

Having been born and raised in California's central valley, I know a thing or two about intense heat. You hear about how people have to account for extra time in their schedules to remove ice from their cars in the winter? Well here in the valley, we have to account for the time it takes to be able to touch the steering wheel without scorching your skin in the summer. Yes, it gets that hot! I kind of love it though. I'm a fan of the kind of heat that takes your breath away, which isn't surprising considering I lock myself in my office with a space heater cranked up and the door closed.

Sitting here chilled to the bone, (come on, it's like 50 degrees outside!) I'm thinking about toasty temps and likely the hottest wedding to date. Twentynine Palms in May can get a bit sun-drenched to say the least (easily 100 degrees), but that didn't stop Julie and Jordan from having one of the most personal, sweet, and memorable weddings I've ever seen.  And thanks to Heather Saunders Photography, it's still pretty breathtaking every time I look back. 

Ya, it was hot, but these two were even hotter. I mean, serious babe alert.

Julie and Jordan are artists in several ways (check out her art here and their art together here), so it was a given that they would have some pretty rad details. A custom wedding logo, wooden button favors and signage, a personally curated collection of lounge furniture, all the dreamy stationary you can imagine... my little detail-loving heart was all a flutter. 

These two, in one word--FUN! I mean sure, they're creative as can be, smart, and crazy beautiful, but they wanted their guests to walk away with memories of having a really great time. They put together a "get festive" table where guests could don temporary tattoos, flower crowns and sunglasses, paint their faces, and grab glow sticks for the dance floor. And just as the sun went down and the dance floor filled up, they switched on the snow machine. Yes, a SNOW MACHINE in the desert. Kind of awesome, right? 

To read more planning details from Julie herself, get all the vendor credit goodies, and to see even more gorgeous photos, head to her blog. 

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