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Cecily + Sebastien :: Private Estate Wedding in Santa Ynez

What do you get when a dapper French Canadian and a firecracker TV producer tie the knot? A romantic, elegantly rustic, sophisticated celebration with juuuust the right amount of nutty thrown in. 

Cecily and Sebastien were so easy-going as we planned and designed their big day together. They routinely asked, "what will our guests love?"

Friends, that is an attitude I can get behind! Want to a wedding that feels easy and perfectly momentous? Take it from Cecily and Sebastien and focus on two things: your love for each other, and your love for those who are flying, driving, sailing and railing to get to you. The rest is just gravy... really pretty gravy, but gravy nonetheless. 

I will forever and always be a sucker for a ceremony under a tree. Make it an expansive oak tree in wine country and you have my heart. 

To keep the focus on conversation and good company, the couple decided on a family style feast catered by Catering Connection.  We kept the tables simple with eucalyptus and bud vases dotted down the center to leave plenty of room for the food to come. To dress things up a bit, we opted for vintage and gold-rimmed glassware to give the tables a little "jewelry."  One of my personal favorite touches was the rustic bread placed at each setting just before guests were seated. How intimate is that? The reception felt very much like a dinner party with friends passing dishes, dipping bread in oil and vinegar and sharing memories as the sun set. 

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