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Guys. I feel like this blog post should be split into at least two because it's just that good. But I figure, I hardly ever blog anyway, so let's just pack it all in! This wedding was crazy special to me because of what a unique challenge it was. I am so thankful that Brittany trusted me with her vision and brought me along for the ride! 

Brittany's aunt and uncle live in Grand Junction, Colorado, just outside Monument National Park. (Really that was all I needed to hear before I yelled "YES! We're doing this!!") While Brittany and Rhett live in southern California, they wanted to create an intimate destination wedding that brought their nearest and dearest to an epic location for a multi-day celebration. Again... YES PEASE! So we packed up the team and headed to Colorado for an creative adventure!

The entire event was imagined so holistically, which really is the key to ultimate cohesion! The fun started with gifts packed with local faves to welcome guests to Grand Junction in the heart of peach country. 

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-5.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-2.jpg

We started with Brittany's vision, which began with lavender to honor her mother, vintage furnishings, desert and geology inspiration to match the landscape, lots of warm metallics, modern lines, and a backyard setting.... it was a lot to digest, but after letting it all swirl and marinade in my brain, we created something pretty special. 

My favorite detail was all Brittany's brain-child... a ceremony with vintage style rugs sprawled out on the lawn for casual picnic style seating. 

Wait. It gets better!  Guests were welcomed with charcuterie on custom branded wood boards (which we later packaged up for guests to take home as a favor) and sparkling wine to kick off the festivities. 

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-438.jpg


What a fabulous way to kick off the celebration!

What kind of desert-vibe design would be complete without some airplants and succulents??? We created this cluster of succulents, airplants, hanging moss, and eucalyptus to accent the cool copper pipe structure BUILT BY THE GROOM! (I love a crafty man!)

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-576.jpg

Always my favorite shot

Take my advice... remember to stop at the end of the aisle and kiss again.

Because you get this. 

I could think of no better linen to carry a geology vibe than this stunner from La Tavola! And the lavender and blue tones made it even more perfect. Basically, it was created for this wedding!

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-407.jpg


From stir sticks and tattoos to an oversized photo op spot, this wedding had B + R's touch everywhere thanks to the killer talents of our ladies at Prim & Pixie!

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-458650160010.jpg

Copper + Airplants

The groom made a second copper structure for the seating chart display that we accented with more airplants, eucalyptus and hanging moss. 

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-458650110014.jpg


Each table was named after a dog Brittany & Rhett have owned. Prim & Pixie customized these table names with laser cut metallic rose gold that Brittany & Rhett could use later as fun decor in their home. 

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-702-XL.jpg

Here's a tip

If you don't have enough time in your photography contract hours to do a grand exit (with sparklers, for example), do a grand entrance into your reception instead!

Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett 08.27.16-458650030003.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Brittany & Rhett day-after 08.28.16-6-XL.jpg

The day after

And as if all of that wasn't pretty enough, B+R got all dolled up again the next day and we ventured up to Monument National Park for the most epic photo shoot!

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Design & Planning: Vanessa Noel Events

Floral Design: Vanessa Noel Events

Photography: Anna Delores Photography

Vintage & Specialty Rentals: Stonewood Vintage

Stationery & Signage: Prim & Pixie

Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen 

Rentals: Premier Party Rentals & Elite Events

MUAH: Virtue Salon



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