homemade stick tree }{ foraged decor

Remember the tall branch tucked in the corner at the end of this post? Well, I promised I'd be back to share what I had in store for the beauty!

I wanted a special place to display our travel themed ornaments that I've collected over the past couple of years from Cost Plus World Market. They're adorable glass ornaments and come in sets of 3 in fun country themes. They're colorful and quaint and don't really go with our neutral Christmas tree. So I decided to make a tree just for them. 

We started with a branch that we found on a walk near the riverbed. Its 10 foot length was a little much so we used a chainsaw to take off about 2 feet. We went on another walk to find sticks to be the tree's branches. Daniel had the great idea to take our largest drill bit with us to ensure that we didn't get any sticks that were too large. 

With "branches" in hand, we came back to drill the holes. Keep in mind that angle is important so try to drill at an angle that will allow your branches to point upward. We used several different drill bit sizes depending on the width of the sticks.

vanessa noel events foraged decor.JPG
homemade stick tree.JPG
homemade stick tree.JPG

After Daniel drilled the holes, I placed the branches and decorated the new tree. Not only is it the perfect place for our international ornaments, but it's a great spot to display our Christmas cards from friends and family! It doesn't get any cheaper, easier, or more festive!

homemade tree.JPG
homemade tree .JPG

wreath repurpose }{ foraged decor

Christmas is only 22 days away... yikes! As I gaze around our apartment, I'm still seeing pumpkins and leaves. Today is the day to get busy on the Christmas cheer and turn fall into winter (even if it's been about 65 degrees lately). 

On Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk around my neighborhood and, as usual, was inspired by the changing colors and foliage. As I made my way back down my street, I noticed that some magnolia trees had been trimmed, but that many of the branches hadn't been picked up. So, like a nut job, I began to forage... naturally. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all those leaves, but I knew it was going to be good. 

When I got home, I looked at the fall wreath hanging on the front door.


fall wreath.JPG

The wreath was a gift from my mother-in-law and I wanted to keep it around, but in our very small apartment, I was worried about how to store it. I decided instead to give it new life for the current season. Enter those foraged magnolia leaves, a little spray adhesive and gold glitter I had in my craft box. Boom, Christmas just arrived! 

christmas wreath.JPG

Stay tuned for more easy and resourceful Christmas and holiday crafts that don't require a craft store credit card. 

decorate for fall on a budget }{ foraged decor

Happy Monday! I had a pretty big weekend with the last Vanessa Noel Events wedding of 2013. It was a pretty special one for several reasons. I grew up with the groom and his family in our tight-knit community... so tight-knit, in fact, my parents and in-laws were guests and my niece was the flower girl! The wedding was at Calamigos Ranch (hello gorgeous!) and the evening could not have been more beautiful or celebrated a better couple! More details on that fall beauty to come. 

I love love love fall. I love fall weddings, decor, food... everything about the season. Yes, I realize that today marks one month before Christmas and at this point, most people have (sadly) moved on to more "winter wonderland" themed discussion. But seeing as how locally, the highs for the day have just recently dipped below the high 70's, I'm finally feeling fully fall-y. (I love a good alliteration) 

One thing that I really love about decorating for fall is the accessibility of pretty decorations. Obviously, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and every other craft store has leave garlands, plastic pumpkins, and turkey figurines galore, but really, there is no better place to look for festive decorations than your grocery store or, better yet, outside your front door.

Last week, my husband and I went on a walk specifically to gather pretty elements of fall to bring inside. I took an umbrella as the forecast said rain, but used it more as a carrying case for my treasures. 

I sprinkled the leaves that I gathered throughout our apartment to add warm color here and there. I put the berries in apothecary jars along with some pears and persimmons from our fruit bowl for an easy and pretty accent in our dining room. 

(Please excuse the mediocre cell phone photos)

fall 2.jpg

As you prepare to host family and/or friends for Thanksgiving, don't be too quick to run to the store for decor. Take a quick walk in your neighborhood and don't underestimate the possibilities that abound at the grocery store.