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30 before 30... let's do this!

Today is the last day of my birthday month. No, I don't celebrate my birthday all month, but I feel it's acceptable to say "I just turned..." for the duration of my birthday month. After March, it's just not really true for me anymore. 

To celebrate my last birthday in my twenties, I decided to create a 30 before 30 list. I've been contemplating the list for the past 3 weeks and think I've compiled a pretty great collection of goals. I'm not going to lie; I'm a bit nervous about the impending 3-0, but how could I not feel awesome about it after I cross off the items from this list??

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1. Take a floral design class. 

2. Plant, maintain and eat from my own garden.

3. Run a 12k... and I mean really run/jog, not walk like a zombie to the finish line. 

4. Go to Europe with Daniel. (I have yet to share the magic of my favorite places with him and it's about damn time!)

5. Open an IRA (ok, I'm sort of cheating because I already did this.)

6. Contribute regularly to said IRA.

7. Attend a wedding/event industry convention... or 2.

8. Start something really big (This is nebulous, but I know what I mean. Hopefully you will know soon too.)

9. Buy a house.

10. Create new branding for Vanessa Noel Events... with the help of a professional.

11. Make really awesome homemade ice cream that isn't vanilla or chocolate. 

12. Clean out my storage unit... yes, I still have one... sorry dad.

13. Learn not to pout so much when something upsets me.

14. Become a decent tennis player... hopefully with the help of a certain Washingtonian!

5. Visit my grandma once a week. 

16. Buy and learn to use Photoshop... Blogshop, here I come!

7. Reupholster my lovable, but haggard office chair. 

18. Decorate a fancy, homemade fondant cake.

9. Go paddle boarding. 

20. Get back into "those" jeans.

21. Go on a hot air balloon ride... this will be quite difficult with a husband and a best friend who are both afraid of heights.

22. Go on a vacation with my mom... maybe incorporate #21.

23. Play in a softball game worthy of a Band of Horses music video

24. Become a yogi again.

25. Book and complete 15 weddings between now and then. 

26. Have great "about me/headshots" taken. 

27. Have personalized stationary and write sweet notes with it.

28. Sing more karaoke. 

29. Develop more industry contacts.

30. Go camping with Daniel. 

Here's to wrapping up my twenties with intention, style, and personal development!

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